Who to Be and What to Do?

by Natalie on February 17, 2014 · 18 comments

violinstilllifeFeb10flattened Admittedly, the house was a disaster as I worked on the first two of these images concurrently. Half of the living room was my “no dogs allowed” studio (with hot light cords strung across the floor), and the other half was a bit difficult to navigate (seeing as that’s where I shoved all the furniture). However, I am pleased with the end results of both the images and the state of the house. Do enjoy.


 A reinvention of an oil painting (below).

(Click on any image to enlarge.)




Source: www.alibaba.com

Unfortunately, all I could find out about this painting is that it is from China (according to alibaba.com).





Images within the image: M.C. Escher self portrait, Anish Kapoor sculpture, Norman Rockwell’s “Girl at the Mirror”, InStyle magazine Sept. 2013 p. 504



Source: bandagedear.com





A jumble of interests. Must ration my time.

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